The University Social Injustice Observers (USIOs), connects students from various universities in a safe network for addressing and reporting injustices or safety concerns on campus. Through this initiative, The MJB Foundation organizes and supports students to become USIOs, student leaders who create a safe place to make their universities aware of concerns on campus that threaten the fabric of social justice.

The USIOs, whether known or anonymous, collaborate with The MJB Foundation and other organizations to create a system for voicing concerns about issues on campus that are left unaddressed or need more attention. Despite the fact that under Federal civil rights laws, college students are supposed to be protected from retaliation by their schools, there is evidence that retaliation has occurred on campuses across the country when injustices are reported. (ACLU, 2016). Therefore the MJB Foundation’s goal is to add discretion and confidentiality to foster a system of accountability.

The MJB Foundation provides initial and ongoing training, including anti-racism education, to ensure the USIO’s have the knowledge and feel empowered to recognize and report injustices across intersections. This initiative amplifies the voices and lived experiences of students, rather than accepting the narrative and response of the institution’s administration.  This promotes a culture of accountability and empowers students to advocate for themselves and demand appropriate, safe responses from those entrusted with their care and education. The USIO initiative will bring to light injustices that previously were not reported or recognized and will have a voice on campus that will not be filtered through university administration. The USIO initiative will be a resource for students — particularly Black students and other marginalized groups — to feel comfortable and provide a supportive and safe space for reporting injustices they observe or experience.


“All information that is given through this form is CONFIDENTIAL (unless permission to disclose is acquired)”

    “If you are not comfortable giving your information to join the USIOs, but would like to help report injustices, please use the Incident Report Form .”