The USIO’s Incident Report Form was created so students, university staff, and concerned community members can have a safe way to report injustices they have witnessed or other issues they would like to see addressed on college campuses. Once an Incident Report is submitted, a team member will follow up on the report and begin working with the university and students to resolve the concern.

All personal information about the sender of this report is kept completely anonymous and confidential. Some details of the incident submitted in this report may become public if it is deemed necessary to address the injustice or concern; however, any information that is specifically requested to be private will not be shared and will be known only to leadership at The MJB Foundation. Discretion is made a priority as our team looks into incidents.

If you or someone you know needs mental health assistance or other support, please contact these helplines:

If you are in immediate danger or need emergency assistance please call 911 (United States) or your local authorities immediately.

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