We are a nonprofit dedicated to transparency, accountability, and safety on college campuses.

The Marquis Jaylen Brown Foundation is composed of parents, students, and community members who together aim to ensure the safety of students on college campuses across the nation. Through a series of programs, the MJB Foundation addresses social injustices by training student leaders as well as providing resources for mothers to conduct independent investigations into incidents involving their child. The MJB Foundation provides advocacy for mothers as they seek answers from institutions of power. Birthed from Founder Dannielle Brown’s personal tragedy of losing her own child, The MJB Foundation stands on the principle of Trauma to Triumph: the voices of those who have faced injustice and tragedy are now empowered to create lasting change. United, we will motivate universities to be transparent on all fronts and work with us to improve the way injustices on campus are handled. We are fueled by love and dedicated to empowering the voices of mothers and students as they revolutionize campuses nationwide.